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I/S Plastic Erasers Single 332896 Pack of 1 Plastic eraser Paper sleeve to keep clean Size: 60x21x12mm Packed 10
Staedtler Rasoplast Plastic Eraser (Pack of 30) 526-B30 Pack of 30 Self-cleaning eraser No toxic heavy metals are used Reusable process waste Environmentally friendly manufacturing process Size: 42x18x12mm Packed 30
Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser (Pack of 20) 526 50 Pack of 20 Self-cleaning eraser Premium quality professional drafting eraser Removes graphite from paper, tracing paper and drafting film 30% natural raw materials and contains no hazardous substances Size: 65x23x13mm Packed 20
White Pencil Erasers (Pack of 20) WX01696 Pack of 20 These erasers are made of sturdy plastic rubber for clean and efficient removal of pencil marks, and unlike putty erasers they won't crumble in your hand. They include a sleeve for a secure grip and extra control when erasing pencil lines.27 x 36 x 15mm. White Plastic Erasers - Pack of 20
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