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TYCHEM 2000C YELLOW MEDIUM (D13494969) Pack of 1
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Pack Of 1
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DuPont Tychem® C, model CHA5. Hooded coverall. Available in bright yellow for high visibility. , Elasticated face, wrists, waist and ankles for an optimal fit, thumb loops prevent sleeves from riding up. , Self-adhesive chin flap for tight seal of suit to face-masks. , Made from a lightweight and durable fabric (<450g per garment). Tychem® C garments utilise the strength of Tyvek® and a polymeric barrier coating to offer good permeation barrier protection against a wide range of inorganic chemicals and biological hazards (even under pressure). Tychem® C is used for splash or pressurised splash protection in a variety of industrial environments, including pulp and paper manufacturing, food processing, chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Chemical protective clothing, Category III, Type 3-B, 4-B, 5-B and 6-B EN 14126 (barrier to infective agents), EN 1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination) Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-5) - on inside Stitched and over-taped seams with barrier tape for protection and strength. Self-adhesive double zipper flap closure system for higher protection.
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